Natural Solutions for Common Sexual Health Concerns

According to recent studies, over 90% of adult women report having concerns about their sexual health. Our sexuality is a major part of our life and can greatly affect our overall physical, mental and emotional health. Unfortunately sexual wellness is an aspect of our health that is largely ignored and avoided, and, as such, very much misunderstood. This is mainly because it can be uncomfortable to discuss, even with a health professional.

Sex is a natural part of life. Aside from being the very process of our procreation, sex is an instinctual activity that most adults enjoy on a regular basis. And sex is good for your health – with or without a partner. In addition to raising hormone levels (retaining your youth), sex can also boost metabolism, brain function, heart health and immunity. However, due to diet, lack of physical activity, stress, anxiety, prescribed medications, tiredness and a slew of other inhibitors, many women suffer from various sexual health issues.

“What we know is that very little of what’s going on with women and sex is below the waist. Almost all of it is above the neck.” – Anita Clayton, Professor, University of Virginia’s Center for Psychiatric Clinical Research

Studies show that over 87% of women have concern about a lack of interest in sexual activity. A female’s libido is much more complex than that of a male. For most men with healthy testosterone levels, they are ready to go anywhere at any time. It usually doesn’t take much ‘encouragement’ for men to get aroused, especially with the continuous stream of visual stimulation from the ever-expanding cache of media outlets. For women, it is different. Our sexual desire is more holistic. It involves our thoughts and beliefs, our emotions and feelings, as well as our bodies. When we are out of balance with any part of that, we don’t feel as sexy and are therefore simply not as interested.

So how can we naturally increase our sexual desire? It is not as easy as just popping a Viagra. Women need to address several areas of their overall wellness in order to be aroused. First, we need to have enough energy. We need to be stress-free and at peace. The desire comes from deep within a woman’s soul. It’s that craving to connect and that longing to express love and passion. A healthy diet and physical activity can certainly improve female libido. It is also good to take a daily supplement to support the body from the inside out.

One supplement that I highly recommend is Add Lib, which contains a natural blend of herb extracts and vitamins formulated for women looking to increase energy, desire and mood. I’ve taken Add Lib daily for over a year now and it has made a huge difference in my life and relationship. I look and feel younger, having more sustained energy throughout the day. I’m more physically active than ever before with improved endurance and stamina. I feel better about myself and have more sexual desire. Self improvement is an on-going process, as we are all a work in progress. By having more motivation and incentive, it is much easier to mark personal improvement.

Another area of concern is vaginal dryness. Almost 75% of women report inadequate lubrication. Even young girls in their early 20′s can have a problem with dryness if they take antihistamines, birth control, or prescription drugs. Of course natural lubrication diminishes with age as well. It can be embarrassing and terribly uncomfortable when a woman is not ‘wet’ enough for penetration. Foreplay is extremely important to ‘prime the pump’ so to speak. Cunnilingus is an excellent way to lubricate the area, and may also induce orgasm. However, some women still need additional lubrication for comfort and longer-lasting pleasure.

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The Importance Of Sex Education

Funny thing is, few people seem to think sex education is important. Look at the examples. At school, you don’t spend a lot of time in sex ed classes, if you even have a sex ed class. Often, sex ed is taught during a biology class or a health class that doesn’t even last the whole year. Subjects like math and English get more time and attention at every school in the United States. I’m not saying that math and English aren’t important, but the amount of schooling you get in those twosubjects as compared to sex ed is astounding.

Schools often don’t spend a lot of time on sex education because administrators believe that sex should be taught in the home. Though, for the most part, not many parents want to talk about sex with their children-they want the schoolsto do it. And, to be honest, teens do not always want to hear about sex from their parents. (Yourparents only had sex the same number of times as there are kids in your family, right?) So, your parents’ idea of sex education may be something like:

“Wait until you’re married.”

“Don’t get pregnant,” or “Don’t get someone pregnant.”

“Use a condom please. I want you to be safe from AIDS.”

And rarely is there actually any discussion involved.

Now, I do want to be fair. Some parents do a great job of talking to their children about sex. I mean really talking about it. They’re open to questions, they listen to what you have to say, and they want to help. But they are sadly in the minority. And they should be applauded. But for the most part, it comes down to this: Your school isn’t giving you the answers you need. Some of them maybe, but not all for sure. And your parents are not letting you in on what they know about sex. So how important can sex education really be if no one is giving you the information you need? I mean, come on. Learning about sex only helps you learn about your body, your relationships with other people, and could possibly save your life. And are those things really that important?

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Reproductive Cloning and Potential Threats to Society

It is argued by many that reproductive cloning (RC) would pull sharply at several threads of our social fabric. reproductive cloning is construed as a threat to family values, RC might enable de facto or full-on eugenics programs, and RC entails many concerns for the safety of mothers and children.

Reproductive cloning would make it possible for any sort of family configuration to have children. And much more than in vitro fertilization procedures, RC eliminates entirely the need for sexual reproduction. Single men who are infertile would be enabled to have children who are their genetic clones. A single woman could serve as her own DNA source for RC, an example of a woman having a child in the absence of spermatic services. All these possibilities, it is said by many, will destroy the traditional family along with its values that are the bedrock of our civilization.

Reproductive cloning raises the specter of eugenics, thoroughly discredited public policy attempts to “improve” the quality of the human race. RC would allow prospective parent(s) to select eggs from women who exemplify highly desired traits and qualities. For example, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but prized physiologic markers frequently include blonde hair, blue or green eyes, and athletic frames. Desired behaviors include above-average intelligence, artistic and/or aesthetic pursuits, and demonstrable achievements. A typical list, recently posted on a surrogacy services website, requests an egg donor who is “talented, intelligent, high achieving, humble, kind, organized, clean, healthy, attractive”.

The above list was compiled for a one-off surrogacy procedure. But such requests, when aggregated and multiplied, represent a de facto eugenics program. Reproductive cloning would streamline and simplify the processes used in IVF. For example, in RC no donor eggs are needed. A skin cell from the donor of choice will suffice. Highly attractive donors could sell ten skin cells a day or more, depending on the technology, indefinitely. The Alphas and Betas of Brave New World would soon become a reality. Unplanned (by the state, that is) eugenics would silently slip into the mainstream. Instead of being the world’s melting pot, it is said that RC would cause America to become a land populated by homogeneous Barbies and Kens.

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